May 15

On September 14, 2008 DARPA had gathered its top brass, a handful of military personnel, and physicist Dr. Kerek Reidier, along with his family, for a paradigm shifting proof of concept test/demonstration of a top-secret Department developmental teleportation program requiring so much energy that it necessitated the USS Harry S Truman aircraft carrier to act, essentially, as a battery.

Shortly after sunset, with the Navy’s help, DARPA ferried everyone over from the Newport Naval Station to the Navy’s decommisioned bunker—which had been recommissioned by DARPA for Reidier’s lab—on Gould Island, a small isle at the bottom of the Narragansett Bay tucked between Jamestown and Newport. At 8:58 pm a switch was thrown, a brilliant white light, similar to a magnesium ignition, engulfed the northeastern end of Gould Island, immediately accompanied by what’s best described as a thunderclap. The bunker and the USS Truman were no longer there, and all those present at the test are presumed dead.

The Reidier Test resulted in the presumed death of Reidier's family and all top government officials present.