Jun 15

Gould Island Transcript

Kerek Reidier's experiments were diligently documented, but after Reidier and his family disappeared, all that documentation was destroyed. Thanks to DARPA, there's almost no evidence that these experiments ever took place, let alone any details of what happened on Gould Island.

For my own safety, I cannot say how these documents came into my possession, but I have on good authority these pages are 4 of many documenting Reidier's experiments. Some of the lines have been redacted, presumably by DARPA so other scientists couldn't replicate the work.


Gould Island transcript 1


Gould Island transcript 2

Gould Island transcript 3

Gould Island transcript 4


You can download this transcript here, but please use caution if you choose to share this information. The last two people to have these documents went missing.

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  1. Bentham says:

    Hold on a second, the DARPA document dated June 20, 2007 said "In order to ensure security measures, no data will be submitted", yet this reads like a film description with title cards and actions and sounds. And this was recorded in October of the same year.

    Did Reidier convince his benefactors he needed to record the experiments? Have to wonder if his motives were more than just for his memory's sake...


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