Jun 15

Restor8tion Short Story

In 2011, there was a short story published in Cosmos Magazine written by Tate Avess. Based on the subject matter and writing style, many in the literary community suspect this was a pen name for Eve Tassat, Kerek Reidier's wife.


Restor8ion by Conspiracy Buff

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  1. Bentham says:

    Before reading the article, I just want to note that "Tate Avess" is indeed an anagram of "Eve Tassat".

    It's rudimentary to say, but it still should be said.

  2. Bentham says:

    It's too difficult to grasp with my insomnia; I'll have to re-read it tomorrow if I get any rest.

    One thing I'm left with though: if Eve wrote this story, that either means that she survived the incident or this was written beforehand. And I'm wondering what side of “Capability does not necessitate inevitability" she lands on. That line really stands out, and considering what her husband was up to in his lab...she must have known.

    Why would she have known?


  3. Anyone noticed the various symmetries in the names? E-V-E, REI-D-IER. Then again, in the short story HAN-NAH, all palindromes. Then again, Hannah's husband is named after the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras also named in Hilary's notes regarding the omnipresence theme. It begs the question if the accident was actually a "suicide" mission premeditated by Reidier and if these guys were transferred in some parallel universe leaving only this story as a weird trace? The accident of the first 8 Ascendants is never really described in detail in the story. Could it be somehow linked with the accident in Gould Island? There is another sinister connotation though. Could it be that the world in which Hilary lives IS actually the Divinity machine which already suffers all these "titanic wars" after all? It would have to use some "reincarnation" or "transmigration" mechanism. Another multiverse theme? Are they all inhabitants of D aware of their Ascension afterwards or have they been some nasty agreements for keeping lots of other ascendants as a herd of low lying slave spirits crippling memories and such?

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