Sep 15

Kerek Reidier Obituary

There is very limited evidence of Reidier's existence, let alone the research he conducted at Brown. Although the cause of death is fabricated, the following obituary is one of the only pieces of evidence indicating Reidier was at Brown during this time (click to enlarge the image):

reidier obit

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  1. Oblio687 says:

    As a student of Professor Reidier, I feel like there's an Anthropic Principle involved in him - if you saw him, it was because you were designed to. The universe was just designed to create someone like him to observe it - and you to observe him. If you missed him, maybe you weren't meant to see him in the first place. Maybe you travel in a different universe.

  2. Bentham says:

    It might help to develop a timeline for Reidier to better understand events.

    We know he was last seen alive on the 14th of September from the obit date (someone must have seen him alive outside of the bunker in order to determine he died in the "Coulomb explosion" that night), and we know that his class was "over-registered". So I'm thinking that a student was curious enough about his work to visit him and ask about it.

    Which would explain all the document leaks thus far as well...more on this after I finish a timeline from what we know.


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