Sep 15

Bootleg videos have surfaced!

I'm pleased to share that new information has surfaced in the Reidier Test investigation. A video was uploaded yesterday, seemingly from a camera phone placed discreetly in a breast pocket. This video documents a failed teleportation experiment, which isn't as compelling as a successful one, but judging from the video description, I suspect this video is the first of many:

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  1. Gonzonerdist says:

    Reidier message at 0:03 - zoom in on "ENDEX" machine.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic" alt="Reider image" />

    Endex = End of Exercise in DoD speak.

    He could have had any machine in the background here... what does ENDEX tell us? Reidier is telling us he's reaching his end ... his termination of what? Scares me. He knows what's in his lab... think this is an accident?

  2. B00-B00 says:

    @Gonzo - Dude - don't be stupid - ENDEX? it's an endodontic root canal apex locator... better question - what's Reidier using this for? Repurposed an endodontic tool to find cavities in his graphite sampling? - the guy is a effing genius.

    P.S. available on Ebay for $83 bucks if you want one... End of line.

  3. Bentham says:

    There is no way to know that Reidier recorded this. In fact, I don't think he did.

    Right at the end, a voice says "Let's send half off to the lab for analysis", after which the camera is quickly shut off as though to hide the recording.

    It looks like whoever was filming was startled by the voice and decided to stop recording so he/she wouldn't be caught. But the voice saying the carbon(?) dust should be sent off for analysis would be the leader of the team, yes?

    So either Reidier is recording and wasn't in charge of a lab of his own work, which isn't likely, or this was recorded by another scientist who was afraid of being found out by Reidier.

    IS1 O'Brien from Experiment 47 maybe. But he's IS1, Navy Intelligence Specialist Petty Officer First Class. It doesn't seem likely either.

    So who's recording?


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