Sep 15


A new document has surfaced, this time, straight from DARPA:

DARPA Memo Updated May

I cannot share my source and some of the information has been redacted, but this serves as proof that DARPA was using the Gould Island facility for these covert experiments.

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  1. Gonzonerdist says:

    CONSPIRACY! Already they (NSA?) are trying to discredit this story!

    See the current review from C.R. Hurst on amazon for the book that makes the disclosure?

    C.R. Hurst is here:

    C.R. Hurst, who supposedly wrote this review has been deceased since March 2014 - right around the time this cypher started reviewing products on Amazon!!

    Just like Chicago - even the dead vote!

    Amazing that a dead man managed to read this 635 page book on the day it was published, right?

  2. Oblio687 says:

    For what it's worth - no record I can find of a Professor C.R. Hurst anywhere in Pennsylvania (he claims on his profile and in his "review" that he was a professor - no proof online.) And for someone so computer savvy he's doesn't have a LinkedIn or (viewable) facebook account. If he's on the level - what's he hiding? Aside from rigormortis, I guess.

    • Bentham says:

      I'm sorry, but where are you getting Hurst's name? I don't even see it anywhere on this or any other document thus released.


  3. Whalestoe says:

    C.R Hurst is an anagram for TR Crush -- among the most deadly of arrows favored by master archers such as "Hurst". His status as book reviewer is a cover. DARPA careerists know the truth but will be of no help. The trail begins in Evansville.

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