Oct 15

Video Footage of Failed Experiment

Based on the amount of videos being linked by, who I assume to be, Daniel Brand, it's clear that while he's underground, he's far from finished with his investigation. The most recent video is footage from a failed attempt to transport an orange. The description also points people to the upcoming book by Joshua Scher, HERE & THERE, which chronicles Reidier's experiments.

2 Responses for "Video Footage of Failed Experiment"

  1. B00-B00 says:

    Daniel Brand is a reference to Harold Pinter (noted cryptic dramatist) -- his lost son with whom he never reconciled.


    Who else had some trouble with a "Lost" son? ... just saying... Reidier isn't effing around with the allusions here/// Brand is Reidier... I think.

  2. DrBenway says:

    I was standing outside myself trying to stop those hangings with ghost fingers... I am a ghost wanting what every ghost wants-a body-after the Long Time moving through odorless alleys of space where no life is, only the colorless no smell of death...Nobody can breathe and smell it through pink convolutions of gristle laced with crystal snot, time shit and black blood filters of flesh

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