Oct 15

More Reidier Graphics

These were sent by a friend in New York. Most were taken in the Soho area of Manhattan. We weren't responsible for creating these graphics, but we appreciate the nod.

20151009_13284520151008_110251 20151007_114237


2 Responses for "More Reidier Graphics"

  1. CyberiaJen says:

    OMG! I totally saw that... I thought it was something like this guy --- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resurrect_Dead:_The_Mystery_of_the_Toynbee_Tiles

    • Gonzonerdist says:

      Jen, could be a reference TOYENBEE tiles:


      Check out this link between Reidier and the Toyenbee theorist:
      "Find a way to recombine the pattern of molecules that made up your physical body. A perfect replica brings rise to the consciousness that was and always will be you. And voilĂ , afterlife."

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