Oct 15

The Reidier Test Exposed in Upcoming Novel

I'm sure many of you have seen the upcoming "novel" about Kerek Reidier and his experiments, HERE & THERE by Joshua Scher. While it states clearly that it's a work of fiction, it seems that that it could be an accurate account and a crucial piece of evidence. It is currently on promotion for $1.99, so I'm going to download it and see for myself.


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  1. Gonzonerdist says:

    Definitely raises more questions than it answers. Right? Help me out -- it's 600+ pages of "fiction" and yeah some of it is fanciful. but I'd say Scher has a connection (He's a fit D.C. kid -- read sheepdip---) at least some connection with DOD procedure. There's too much in here to ignore the possibility that theres something real to it.

    • Gonzonerdist says:

      Jesus Christ, Hash! Click the link - it's not SPAM... it's just a linkedin profile. See who it IS?

      This is getting nuts.

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